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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Dec 16, 2019

What You'll Hear:
  • Raleigh felt led to get involved in fighting human trafficking after hearing a message in a conference, he realized that "If we're not paying the highest price, someone else is"
  • He saw there was a need to work with churches to help the vulnerable people that were being trafficked
  • "You take one step at a time and learn"
  • He read the book "Start Something that Matters" and that was very impactful
  • If you can start an organization and have a passion about it, that's very important
  • If someone's already doing it just work with them
  • "There's a strong 3 years of struggle when you start a non-profit...push through and keep going"
  • Investigate who are the stakeholders already in this space
  • You want to have a clean mission statement that gets right to what you want to address
  • At first Raleigh confused his strategy with his mission, your strategy is how do you get to the mission
  • You need to know the difference between your vendor and your client
  • You want to think of a good name
  • You want to hire a tax attorney or accountant, you want to appoint board members, file articles of incorporation, get an employee identification number, get a business bank account, draft by-laws, apply for a 501c3, apply for state tax exemption, have board meetings, address letters you receive immediately
  • "If you never feel like you want to quit, you're probably not doing it right"
  • If you work with your spouse, just like Chip and Joanna Gaines, each have your area of focus
  • "Your starting Board is going to be different than your Board in years to come"
  • Your Board of Advisors should be different than your Board of Directors
  • It's not common for Board members of non-profits to be compensated
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