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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Sep 14, 2020

2000 downloads in August first time ever, and this is the 100th episode of this Podcast, I give God all the glory and I thank each and every one you sincerely for listening to what and others I interview have to say about faith and work


Hitting Home Dr Force email 8/23/20 referring to blog article in 2015

Sep 7, 2020

What You'll Hear:
The festivals are commonly called the Jewish Feasts but the Bible calls them the Feasts of the Lord, it means appointed times
  • Leviticus 23 is the source text, there generally are 7 Feasts
  • Quick overview:
    • 1. Passover, celebrated at Easter, when the Jewish people were saved with the blood of the lamb...

Aug 31, 2020


  • Al Mohler’s 8/27 Briefing episode on Boredom vs Depression, psychologist talking about the fact that it's being said that there's a big problem of depression resulting from the Covid-19 situation, and that perhaps what's going on is more boredom than depression.  In the article they discussed the difference...

Aug 24, 2020

S = Something on My Heart

See 8/16 Pastor Adam Cook message from Union Church on the Power of saying Thanks  I've spoken on this podcast before about the importance of being grateful to God about all of life but particularly as it relates to your heart while you're working. ...

Aug 17, 2020

What You'll Hear:

  • Leighton was adopted, but didn't find out about this until age 12
  • His mother was a devout Christian and raised himwith a spiritual grounding
  • His adoptive parents ran a jewelry store, he looks back and is thankful for the love and provision, but his parents did not have a loving marriage and fought...