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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Sep 23, 2020

What You'll Hear:
  • We transition to different jobs much more than in the past, this can be good or bad
  • It's good to be looking over your shoulder to be ready for a transition
  • There's a learning curve and so it's good to stay in one position long enough so that the time invested in you learning your job results in a return in terms of your performance
  • In "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith, he brought a Christian perspective on Capitalism and how we earn money, that we should do well in our work, satisfy the consumer, and we should expect to be compensated.
  • To bring joy to your life, you have to have something to do, and something to look forward to, and people we love and love us
  • Sometimes we plan a family weekend away more than we do the rest our lives in retirement
  • Break 19:43
  • Create a file in your final years before retirement with crazy ideas of things you'd like to do
  • There's an endless list of things we can do in retirement
  • It shouldn't be a burden or a mid-life crisis, but something we should plan for
  • There is no such thing as going from work to retirement, we've got to get away from talking about what you used to do and instead have something you're doing in the present
  • We may be called upon to be actively involved with our grand-kids
  • Unfortunately we often find late in life that work has a purpose that is beyond paychecks and perks.  Work adds wonderful relationships and cerebral interactions
  • Don't wait until there's a problem and be one of the loud voices, try to be involved with something good
  • Don't live in the past and think about how you used to be a FIP (Formerly Important Person)
  • Scriptures talks about servant leadership and that doesn't have to stop when we retire
  • We can retire "retire"
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