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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Jun 15, 2020

What You'll Hear:
  • David Smith's wife led him to the Lord after he met her in a hospital when she was a nursing student
  • An elderly gentleman on the North Side of Chicago got David his first job in a neighborhood feed store
  • "Work is so essential and it's a gift from the Lord, and has a lot more to do than not just about money"
  • David helps school systems find leaders and helps private institutions with their accreditations
  • "I learned early on that learning was a gift and work was a gift"
  • David was a history and social science teacher in high school in both Christian and public schools, and ended up as a public school superintendent
  • In retirement he has kept busy in activities related to his career
  • Living out his faith through work in education for David has included encouraging students
  • There are voices for Christians now to withdraw
  • "I want parents to have the resources to make the best choice for them" when it comes to educating their children
  • "Guys tend to form alliances more than friendships, it's toxic in a lot of ways"
  • "There should be some people in your life that you should be close to"
  • "Biblical masculinity shows a warmth and lovingness"
  • "You have to earn the right to be candid...if you're messing up someone who really cares about you is going to share with you"
  • "A friend is a person with whom one can be sincere" - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • "It's the individuals we're close to that make life worth living"
  • "A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be"
  • "It's not about frequency"
  • "The answer to 'who's got your back' is the one whose back you've got"
  • "Are you a host or a guest" when you walk in a room?
  • "I learn that when I listen to someone, not only am I learning, it shows respect"
  • We have 4 communication skills, reading, writing, and speaking but we don't focus enough on listening
  • "Women are more holistic, they look at the total person..women don't have these macho expectations, they're more attentive to the relationship...there's a covenant...that I value you and I care for you"
  • Jefferson and Adams reached out to each other late in life to make amends, most guys don't do that
  • "The concept of total independence leads to loneliness and sadness...and an earlier grave"
  • Break 2: 41:04
  • Important elements of a friendship include listening, self-disclosure, compromise, loyalty
  • The Bible is filled with wonderful stories of how people relate to each other and how we should do the same
  • Male and female friendships tend to be male dominated, and often the man wants the friendship to end up in the bedroom
  • Most friendships are with the same gender
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