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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Dec 9, 2019

What You'll Hear:
  • Grant's father was a strong Christian and he passed away when Grant was 10 years old. Through a conversation with his sister the issue of heaven and hell was discussed and Grant accepted Christ as his Savior that night
  • Nothing changed in Grant's life for the next 9 years, until Grant met a man who was living the reality of being a disciple so Grant committed to attempting to live his life as a disciple of Jesus Christ from that point forward
  • "To understand my story you need to know that I am a Christian - and that means everything. But don't misunderstand that statement: I am no 'saint" - I am imperfect and I mess up like everyone else. but to me, Christianity is a way of life, not an insurance policy for what comes next."
  • "When we preach the Gospel we don't always tell the whole story"
  • "ordinary people like you and me have been created for a purpose and have the potential to facilitate miracles. Finding that purpose will be the most fulfilling and exhausting experience of your life. And the most fun."
  • "Many Christians settle for 2nd or 3rd or 4th best"
  • "God chooses to work through people"
  • "I have explored a side to life which just goes way beyond what my imagination could have ever come up with, with being fulfilled and exciting"
  • "My first job was at age 11, I delivered newspapers"
  • Grant worked as a quantity surveyor in the UK, which is a financial manager in the construction industry
  • "We are all created of God and actually don't deserve anything we have, whether that be good or whether that be bad"
  • Grant started working as a volunteer for Tearfund.  He met a man in Brazil who had a vision to bring Jesus into the lives of the poor children there, this motivated Grant to start Hand in Hand with 2 other men, modeled after Tearfund
  • They wanted to work through the local churches so that they are identified with Christianity and so they have a better idea of what the needs are
  • "If somebody has had the vision and the guts to start something, then we are happy to then support what they are doing"
  • In 2008 they got an opportunity to build 230 house in Nairobi, Kenya
  • A "good business" includes a quadruple bottom line (profit, social, environmental, spiritual)
  • "Business has so many tentacles coming out of it that can benefit so many people that you touch"
  • "We should be using our imagination to be profitable but to also have a far bigger ripple out benefit to society, demonstrating Kingdom values while still being commercial"
  • "I've now become a capitalist with a socialist mindset"
  • "work is good but wealth for the sake of wealth is meaningless"
  • What if instead of paying $30/month to sponsor a child, we invested in a company that pays their workers properly
  • "Once you take that first step, God then multiplies your efforts"
  • Get the book through Kregel Publications, email