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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Jun 16, 2018

What You'll Hear:
  • Hugh always remembers knowing the saving grace of Jesus Christ
  • Worked in the environmental industry, owned a construction company, worked in the IT industry
  • Then ran a seminary in Wash DC for 7 years before starting the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics
  • Hugh put himself through college as a pilot with a crop dusting business, including wrecking 2 airplanes
  • Hugh remembers "I really began to wonder, why doesn't God care what I do every day"
  • "Martin Luther said 'the work of the milkmaid is just as important as the work of the priest'"
  • He got a degree at seminary and did his masters thesis on Faith and Work
  • "There's intrinsic value in the things you do everyday"
  • They had 2 million unique visitors to the website in 2017, have 40-50,000 people look at the blog every
  • The 2 great lies you've been told are 1. You can be anything you want to be and 2. You can be the best in the world
  • The parable of the talents is all about the biblical meaning of success
  • "Everything is spiritual, there is no secular for the Christian"
  • "All we have to do is faithfully work as hard as we can at what God's called us to do using the resources God has given us...we'll all hear 'well done good and faithful servant'"
  • "I'm living in the covenant and the covenant has responsibilities...that's something I want to do because of my love for Christ and because of what He's done for me"
  • "Work is not part of the curse, but work is cursed because of sin"
  • "This side of heaven there are no perfect jobs"
  • "Calling is a more overarching thing that really comes out of who God has made you to be", not a particular job
  • Hebrews 12:1-2 is my life verse - "God equipped me to be a teacher, to help people to be successful"
  • In "The Call" by Os Guiness, our primary calling is to be a disciple of Christ, but we have secondary calls where we work out our salvation in 4 buckets to Family, Church, Community and Vocation. This work serves to glorify God, serve the common good, and further God's Kingdom.
  • Shalom is a biblical Old Testament concept of flourishing.  We are to subdue the earth and fill it with God's images, but also to bring flourishing to God's creation
  • The best thing you can do to share the Gospel is to do your job well
  • Suggestions for maximizing your commute: listen to something other than the radio, it's designed to drag you down.  Listen to scripture.  Listen to positive podcasts.  Listen to books from
  • "We don't realize the incredible opportunity that God has given change the world through our work"
  • "Almost every single good thing that's been done in the last 2000 years has been done by the last 100 years we in the church have completely forgotten about that"
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