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Christian Men at Work Podcast

May 18, 2020

What You'll Hear:
  • Matt grew up in a Christian family and went to a very conservative church
  • At age 20 "I cried out 'I'm so lonely", that was the first honest conversation I had with God...I thought 'I love Jesus, I love God and I want more of this"
  • First job was pulling weeds as a gardener and the landscaper in the summer in Oregon
  • With YWAM, Matt did missions on a small island and in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • In 2005 he started a business consulting firm in Singapore that includes training and communication
  • "I translate the Kingdom of God into business material, into engaging people and working with them"
  • " I had no idea you could have such rich and meaningful conversations in the marketplace"
  • "My role is to figure out who they are, how they're unstuck and how to get them unstuck"
  • "One of the weaknesses with evangelicalism is that we don't really love people, we don't want to meet them where they are, we just want to get them saved"
  • "The first question people struggle with and that God asks us is 'where are you?', that's one of the most profound questions we can ask"
  • "Day to day, being authentic, getting to know someone is the missing piece sometimes"
  • "be present without being anxious or reactive, that's the discipline of maturity...that's the mastery of Jesus"
  • "you don't want to get into a difficult situation and not have practice your reactions with your wife and kids"
  • "Very few people have theology questions, what's driving those questions is a broken heart"
  • "The only Being in the universe who doesn't have to ask questions comes into our broken and rebellious world and the first thing He does is ask 3 questions. 'where are you?', 'who told you?', and 'have you eaten?'"
  • "Asking questions ought to be one of our highest priorities" and "not questions that are statements in disguise"
  •  "When I stepped out of missions, I realized that secretly I had carried a little bit of arrogance in my heart that I was doing spiritual work by doing missions and that now that I was outside of it I wasn't doing spiritual work"
  • "The reason the church is in the shape it's in is because we haven't taken the full counsel of God"
  • "This whole idea that we're to leave God out is absurd...all they're really saying is 'just leave us alone'"
  • "God is interested in all areas of life and has something to say about all areas of life"
  • "Anytime you're fighting for control, you're not fighting for the Kingdom of God"
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