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Christian Men at Work Podcast

Aug 17, 2020

What You'll Hear:

  • Leighton was adopted, but didn't find out about this until age 12
  • His mother was a devout Christian and raised himwith a spiritual grounding
  • His adoptive parents ran a jewelry store, he looks back and is thankful for the love and provision, but his parents did not have a loving marriage and fought a lot
  • When he was age 14, his mother left for a while and during that summer Leighton went to a Blue Water Bible Conference put on by a local business man.  A speaker talked about praying out loud from the Psalms and this was a turning point for Leighton. He felt God knew and understood that teenage boy
  • That year a man named Evan Hedley, came to his hometown to start "Youth for Christ" there and Leighton was appointed to be president.  Evan was a business man who had been in insurance.  He wasn't a preacher but he was an organizer and a mentor.  Evan lived to age 90 and 60 men including Leighton who had been mentored by Evan came to his funeral.
  • At age 16, Leighton met Billy Graham through Youth for Christ.  Billy was speaking and the auditorium was full, but Leighton was disappointed that no-one came up to give their life to the Lord.  Billy put an arm around Leighton's shoulder and encouraged him and prayed for him.
  • "Our seeming failures are not always God's failures"
  • Billy Graham gave Leighton a letter of recommendation for Wheaton and Leighton didn't get it in, but he transfered later and majored in Philosophy. He met Jean, Billy Graham's sister, there. They fell in love and married. Jean had a soft voice from Polio.  This soft voice was very important to Leighton, especially since it was in contrast to Leighton's mother's voice.
  • "Out of the many voices we we listen for that still, small voice of the Lord, we begin to find our own voice"
  • The best definition of a Christan is one who hears the voice of Jesus and follows His way
  • BREAK1-17:09 
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  • "We're in a time where people are paying continuous partial attention"
  • Honor the Saabath as well as small Saabaths during the week
  • Dallas Willard said "Ruthlessly eliminate hurry"
  • We can be a workaholic and a thinkaholic
  • Take advantage of pauses in our day and pauses in our life
  • The monks have certain times durign the day when they pray. Leighton sets the alarm on his watch to go off and remind him to pause and listen.
  • "99% of Christians in the world will never be in a pulpit and never be a missionary, but they will have daily work"
  • Leighton's son-in-law is a doctor and prayed with a man and led him to Christ just before he died, and the family asked him to speak at his funeral.
  • At age 50, Leighton stopped and took inventory and he and his wife began to say "I wonder if there's something different" and prayed for 2 years.  During that time their son Sandy died from heart problems.
  • They felt led to lead the next generation to be what God wants them to be. Younger people want an older person to listen to them and help them.
  • To find someone to mentor, pray about it.  Start a GGTW (Guys and Gals to Watch) list. Be available not to give them advice and tell them what to do but a genuine interest in them.
  • "God's an artist.  He doesn't do copies, He only does originals."
  • Recommended prayer to start your work day "Lord, you're in my mind, think your thoughts in me. Be my wisdom, knowledge and insight.  Be in my eyes, see through me. Be in my voice and speak through me with silence or whatever is needed, and let me live this day in the reality of You in me.  I trust you for making it so."
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